WAN failover to another router in LAN

I have usb lte modem connected to main openwrt router (
I have another openwrt router ( on LAN which is connected to ADSL modem.

How can i set up WAN failover so when LTE network is down for any reason main router will forward everyone to ?

i checked mwan3 - looks like it is for local interfaces only

P.S. hm.. another idea came - maybe i can switch adsl modem to bridge mode and plug into LAN in will i be able to set up PPoE on main router (.1) ? in this case i think i can use mwan3

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Do you actually need both routers, or could you just connect both LTE modem and ADSL modem to the same router?

Anyway, if you need both routers, then I don't know what this has to do with PPPoE. I never tried mwan3 though, but I imagine it should work with WAN setup as DHCP client.

The thing is that they far from each other. #1 is where I have good reception, #2 is in basement and it's very hard to extend phone line

This is the sort of thing that can be addressed at the routing level. Basically, both routers advertise themselves as gateways along with a priority (for example, your ADSL router would have a higher priority). If one of them looses their internet connection, they stop advertising themselves as a gateway. Clients react appropriately. If you are relying on NAT on each router, established connections will break in the event the primary gateway goes off line, but that will be the case with any other failover method.

As to how to set this up, I'm not the person to help.

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