WAN crash when on Whatsapp Videocall

Maybe I misinterpreted your other comment about plug and play - but it seemed that you were under the impression that the drivers would be pre-installed on openwrt. When I described that plug and play only applies to the big os’s, you then quoted @frolic, which seemed unnecessary.

I think your time would be better spent not trying to "interpret" my post, or determining what is or isn't "necessary".

What a strange response.

ARM... wanna test it in a x64 linux pc for us?

Yes of course i can test if it helps the community in any way.
I have a linux mint live cd on a thumb drive. Would that do?

One thing i would like to mention that I'm a rookie in linux, so if u ask me to do very complex things, u would have to give me appropriate instructions.

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(o crap... no idea if there is a client on linux)


assuming you disabled wifi+mobile internet when you tested on the phone and connected whatsapp running on the phone over the wired adapter

for a pc/notebook test you'd pretty much just plug the thing in and make sure wireless is off then run whatsapp then open video

gathering the kernel version of those OS's may also be of use:

admin > terminal > uname -a
(maybe 'super/windows-key + t' will open?)

no biggie... the fact you tested on the phone is a great indicator already... and i'm sure someone else will be able to test this sooner or later

basically from the (useful) info you've provided...

  • this bug is distinctly different than the majority of others linked
  • this bug is (tentatively) confirmed on ARM cpus and eliminating x64 OR newer kernels might help others who own these adapters