WAN connection after reboot

After every reboot router is not connected to internet.
I do not change any parameters but only thru luci change order of some DNS servers,
eg. change "Use custom DNS servers,"
to "Use custom DNS servers, "
and press "Save & apply" button.
After that internet connection works as expected.

This happens on 2 routers I have.

Anyone with this problem ?

Is the WAN interface configured to start on boot?

uci show network


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I cant connect thru ssh but uci show network gives I/O error

uci show network
uci: I/O error

I've removed WAN interface since I have another router for internet connection (which is gateway for openwrt router)

Well, this changes everything... your router is either seriously miss-configured, or the flash memory is just about to fail. I would try to see on the kernel logs if there are more "I/O error" messages, but you should probably reflash the device and see if those errors persist.


ok, thanks
will check

Solved it by creating boot script that switches (thru uci set network dns) 2 dns configs and uci commits them.

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