WAN_6 not configurable

My ISP has switched to PPPoE, and now I have a WAN_6 in my interfaces list, which is not configurable. The problem is that according to it's color it's not in the WAN zone. Should I be worried?

My wan6 6in4 tunnel is in the WAN firewall zone.

It is not configurable by design. If you want to have control over the IPv6, you'll need to run uci set network.wan.ipv6='1'; uci commit network; ifup wan
However, if it works I wouldn't advise you to change it.
wan_6 is automatically spawned from the wan interface and they should be in wan zone. You can verify with ip6tables-save -c -t filter | grep wan

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That command shows me that interface pppoe-wan is added to zonewan*, and as I don't have a separate pppoe ipv6 interface, I suppose it's firewalled.
Do you know why this virtual interface is added to the webinterface (and I suppose also somehow in the backend) if you can't do anything with it? Maybe only because it's a way to display the deviating uptime (compared to WAN) and the IPv6-PD?

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There isn't any pppoe6 interface. This command is the ipv6 version of the iptables, so if you have the pppoe-wan there, it is covered.

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