Wallys DR6018-S V02

On wallystech.com wroted that Wallys DR6018-S V02 supports OpenWrt. But I didn't found any Wallys DR6018-S V02 firmware on openwrt.com or wallystech.com. Did someone even seen this?
Here : https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/wallys/wallys_dr6018-s_v02 is link to firmware for DR531, so it;s wrong one.
I need to find it.
Help pls.

You need to ask Wallys. @Jack2021 has created the dataentry, but seems to not be willing to finalize his work. I had contacted all known wallys representatives regarding this some time ago, but as usual, no response. This fits to my reception of Wallys actions over the past years. Based on my experiences, I would personally avoid buying devices of this manufacturer. There are other manufacturers with great devices, no need to support a manufacturer which doesn't respond.


I'll try to contact with them.
Thanks a lot!

What they mean is probably that once you sign an NDA they can provide you with Qualcomm SDK sources (which are based on very old OpenWrt). So to me it looks like they are clearly violating the OpenWrt trademark. They claim OpenWRT [sic] as supported but they are not even providing source code, nor having ever shown any attempt to upstream things to us.


Thanks for this info. I was contacted directly by them about a year ago; but never saw their hardware added to the table.

Hmm, if I'll get Qualcomm SDK, is it possible to upgrade a kernel (to 5-th version at least) via that SDK?

:laughing: only laughing because that usually costs $$$ - and hence may not be compatible with open source...meaning you'd pay only for yourself...if they even had such a licensing scheme (I think the last I researched - it was a WHOLESALE PER CHIP RATE - e.g. you buy like 500,000 chips from them - and they allow you to flash the drivers to the devices you make with them).*

* (this was not Qualcomm that I researched - I used it as an example; and I don't want to mention the company...but it was a wifi chip maker people commonly have issues with thier WiFi speed and available settings when running Open Source routers and the Open Source/non-proprietary drivers) :wink:

As long as:

  • you know how
  • and it's compatible

(yea, :warning: in that purchase scheme, you would also need the chip calibration software for turning 500,000 finished devices...and I'm sure they only "sell" the software in the [necessary license] bundle)

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Thx a lot mate!
Your reply was so useful!

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FYI - I have removed that bogus dataentry now.

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