Wallys DR 6018

I'm beginner at OpenWrt.
I need to create a relevant openwrt firmware for Wallys DR 6018 V02 with kernel version at least 5.0, but the latest supportable version of OpenWrt is Barrier Breaker 14.07 (Kernel version 3.1).
I don't even see it in target list at Image Builder. So how could I create a OpenWrt-firmware on new kernel?

That board and SoC are not supported at all in OpenWrt.

I dont know what to tell you, but whoever added it to ToH made it up.
Open the link, its all old Atheros MIPS support

Maybe @Jack2021 can tell more about this?

Supported Since Commit on that entry is definitely incorrect as it references the Wallys DR531 which uses a completely different SOC.