Wall mount options for Belkin RT3200

I am loving my RT3200 so far. I want to mount it to the wall but there are no screw holes or mounting hardware. Does anyone have their unit mounted to a wall? I found a pic in this blogpost where the guy used some metal brackets but it is kind of ugly.

Uff, please be a bit less sloppy.

To do that, you better make a small shelf and put the router on it.
Your mates at home will be grateful.


A shame there isn't a wall mount option for the thing. Get some nicer looking L-brackets maybe, white or whatever matches the wall a bit better powder coated. It is lame that you will need to drill into the holes in the bottom of it to attach though. Is there anything out there you can 3D print?


Can't your relocate your RT3200 to a nice bookshelf or other nearby surface? You can buy another RT3200 and hook them up using WDS if you need more WiFi coverage.

Here is where my wife permits me to have one of mine:

(that is, pretty much as obscured as possible, which is probably not ideal for WiFi, albeit in a high location).


I will look for 3D printing but I never used one before. @Lynx very nice setup.

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it depends from the level of wife approval factor you are looking for.

Another option is to attach some straps to the wall and then put the router in them, like this leather cushion is suspended. You probably want two straps or a single strap that is tightened around the router to keep it from falling.

Try searching (Clear Acrylic Floating Wall Shelf) :grinning:


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I don't see why you find it funny.
A simple strap to the wall is simpler and cleaner than putting random clutter in front of it to hide it. That random assortment of objects will get filled with cowebs and dust unless you regularly clean it. If that plant is alive it also needs maintenance. I'm into minimalist design because it's low-maintenance, I don't like cleaning and I don't like maintaining gardens or plants.

A strap is also less effort than a shelf, as it's a single mount point to the wall instead of multiple.

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Heh - it was only meant to be a funny comment about the WAF. Not your idea about the straps.

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I designed a gravity fit 3d printed wall mount, available here:

It was a quick and dirty design but it seems fine, just please dont judge me. Screws into wall. It's a flat bottom so I suppose you could also use that 3m double sided tape, that stuff is strooong.

If you don't have a printer, maybe your friend does, and if they don't, maybe it's cheap to order a print of that. Idk but there it is if anyone would like it.


pretty cool
can you share a picture w/ router in bracket?
It look like router would be horizontal instead of vertical

One way to do it is to replace the bottom screws with longer ones, that way something can be put in between them.