Waiting for configuration to get applied hangs at 0s

Trying to setup some stuff, but waiting for configuration to get applied hangs at 0s..

is it reverting back if it doesn't get a reply? how can i force the changes.. because it just hangs at 0s if i refresh the page, it says there are unsaved changes

If the counter drops down to 0s then it means that the communication was lost after applying the changes, so you should be double careful if you really want to apply unchecked. Then it reverts back to the previous configuration.
What changes are you trying to apply?

I am trying to remove a wireless network
uci del wireless.default_radio0

same thing happens when i delete the WANWAN6 interface.

how can i disable the auto-rollback? i'm a nub with SSH

i sort of figured out how to fix it, 5 seconds after it starts applying changes, i open the same page in another tab and it says applied sucessfully. then close the other page thats counting down the timer


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