Wachcat does not work , script for replace?

Wachcat does not work ( mystery ) with my new WR1200JS so I'm looking for a solution that does the same thing

My router is a LIvebox 4 used in 5G with the WR1200JS which is two floors higher up in the house and when I restart the WIFI of the box the WR1200JS does not reconnect automatically

So I have to climb the two floors to restart the box and at my age the stairs it becomes hard!

Would there be a ping solution and if not ok, reboot the WN1200JS ?

I don't know what "watchcat" is/does, and others that might have an idea for you may not either.


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Thanks to @tmomas for the pointer.

It looks like it's a shell script, that does some logging when it finds the pings failing

logger -p daemon.info -t "watchcat[$$]" "no internet connectivity for $time_diff seconds. Reseting when reaching $period"

Since it was working before for you, perhaps it's worth looking at the logs (and maybe a couple other things) to find out why it may have stopped working, before diving into something new.

Do you see entries like that if/when there is no Internet connectivity?

I have found a solution:

i relay mode i use for wifi / radio a Client 5G with the Master Box Orange LiveBox 4 and for a direct acces a Master with a SSID as WR1200JS

i have desactived the Master ( not very useful ) and when i shutdown and rerun tthe 5G in the Livebox 4 the the association refits automatically

Possible bug ???


This problem not exist with GL-Inet MT300N V2 / NEXX WT3020 / Lenovo Y1S who have both wifi client & master enabled