Wa901ndv4, 4/32flash/ram, vpn?

Hi guys,

just recovered a tp link model tl-wa901nd-v4, and installed OpenWrt 18.06.9, r8077-7cbbab7246 on it
it's working well to be an ap+sta mode, means I use it as a kind of wifi device repeater. However, I'm looking now to secure a bit more my connection. I have those questions :
Im intended to setup a vpn client on the router. I know well protonvpn but the client is very demanding regarding disk space. Does openwrt have a tiny builted-in vpn client that can be used with another provider?

My wish would be except very old and unsecure pptp, to have like a tiny client whom requires absolutely low resources to secure a bit my connection, in a way roomates are on it too, and I dislike the idea of one vpn installed on each device, where I prefer one router connected to vpn for all devices...

is it possible?
Im in a 4/32Mb flash/RAM size scale.
My df -h :
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 2.3M 2.3M 0 100% /rom
tmpfs 13.6M 92.0K 13.5M 1% /tmp
/dev/mtdblock3 320.0K 236.0K 84.0K 74% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay 320.0K 236.0K 84.0K 74% /

my wonderings would be : is there any sort of vpn software client whom can run on very low rom memory, and connect to protonpvn or other free service?

thank you!


Your device can just barely cope with the default package set of the obsolete and insecure 18.06.x release, you can't even upgrade to a security supported version because of this lack of resources. Right now you have 84 KB free space, that isn't enough for anything, let alone a VPN client.

It's time for a hardware upgrade, especially with security sensitive and resource hungry applications such as VPNs in mind, but that aside, keeping an unsupported/ obsolete device running at all should not considered to be an option. If you look at the second hand markets, you can often find perfectly viable devices (sufficient to run your tasks with modern OpenWrt) for under 10 USD/ EUR, for around 20 USD/ EUR the first new devices enter the picture, don't stick to devices with known insecurities.

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