W8980 and the 5GHz band

Hi, after a bit of mess I succeed to unbrick my TP-Link W8980 by cross flashing it with the W9980 FW (same HW just VDSL enabled).
Now my router works but I'm not happy with it. The official fw is a mess, so confusing, and I have a bit of problem with the modulation (my isp wants PPPoE but the W9980 seems make internet working only with PPPoA).

  1. I'd like to install LEDE. Can I procede to install it through the firmware setting? Or I have to install again the USB TTL to the serial port, and flash it through Putty?
  2. Does lede supports the 5Ghz band on the Lantiq XWAY VRX268? I did't find any info about this, last OpenWRT relese doesn't support it.
    Thank you in advance

There is no support for XWAY WAVE300 (PSB 8221/ PSB 8301) wlan, AR9287 however shouldn't be a problem.

thank you so much but what is AR9287?

2.4 GHz wlan: QCA AR9287 (ath9k)
5 GHz wlan: Lantiq XWAY WAVE300 (PSB 8221/ PSB 8301)