W504V - bricked?

Hello forum

Sorry for posting the same a second time, but i mixed/missed up my other UID.

My problem is still the fact, that the box is looping, After playing around a bit, i entered the adminstrative command. There i selected an menuitem to ran something like "mini environment" or so. From that moment on, i always can't enter the ! as password after the "123" was displayed.

A bit more detailled:
It is my first router to play with, and after a few attempts i got connection via serial usb adapter and putty or screen. Then i managed to produce two backups of the firmware.

Later i explored more and more things in the administrative command menue.
I guess it was called "....run mini shell" or so. From that on i can't enter the password anymore.

And with regard to your question: No, i didn't copy the u-boot and i also
didn't change the password. If you can tell me how, i would provide a complete putty log
showing the loop the box is constantly in.

Any hint would be appreciated... See the quote of the putty log

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2019.10.04 21:15:43 =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
ROM VER: 1.0.3
CFG 01
ROM VER: 1.0.3
CFG 01

Wireless ADSL IAD DANUBE Loader v1.01.06 build Oct 14 2009 11:46:45
                    Arcadyan Technology Corporation
MXIC MX29LV640EB bottom boot 16-bit mode found

Copying boot params.....DONE

Press Space Bar 3 times to enter command mode ...
Get Primary to 0.....123
Please Enter Password:*
Flash Checking  Passed.

Unzipping firmware at 0x80002000 ... with AREA[2][ZIP 1]  done
Ready to run firmware

2nd Loader running ...
MXIC MX29LV640EB bottom boot 16-bit mode found

Copying boot params.....DONE

Get Primary to 0.....
Flash Checking  Passed.

Unzipping firmware at 0x80002000 ... with AREA[2][ZIP 3]
[ZIP Extra] [ZIP 1]  done
Ready to run firmware

In c_entry() function ...
Co config = 80008483
[INIT] Interrupt ...
##### _ftext      = 0x80002000
##### _fdata      = 0x809103D0
##### __bss_start = 0x809A408C
##### end         = 0x83A485BC
allocate_memory_after_end: alloc from 83A505C0 to 83AE4290, length=605372
##### Backup Data from 0x809103D0 to 0x83A505BC~0x83AE4278 len 605372

Could you edit your post and put the console text inside

code blocks 

It makes is so much easier to read and understand.

I think you might need to add a lot more detail on what you’ve done step by step. I just had a quick look at the wiki page and this would definitely be one of the more unusual upgrade methods I’ve come across.

To start, can you confirm if you got the uboot copied over at all? Based on the wiki it sounds like you need to be in the administrative mode in order to copy anything, so if youre having trouble entering that password your device should be still as it was from factory?

Edit: I noticed your post shows ‘area 2’ when you are copying/unzipping the firmware - but the wiki states ‘area 0’ is the bootloader..

Please see a bit more information on the other post, while i was using the accidently created UID.

Hello again.

So far i have made no progress with my W504V. Is there anybody who can tell me
in which state my box is, and how to get back to a "manageble" behaviour ?
Thx in advance