W502U (Alfa F36) USB not recognized

Hi All,

I have installed LEDE on my Alfa R36 with an W502U board inside. Everything is working fine but the usb port doesn't work. When i plug in my usb drive, it seems the power is not working (read: led on usb drive is not powering on).

I tried to install the usbutils but that doesn't solve the issue. Did anybody of you manage the same issue? I have read something about powering the usb port with the GPIO settings. But still no result (maybe i'm using the wrong GPIO port.

Physically the usb is working, when i load the original Alfa firmware to the device the usb port is working fine.



The support for USB devices is not installed by default. You'll need to add the proper kernel modules via opkg and perhaps some user-space packages as well.

Off the top of my head, you'll likely need at least kmod-usb-storage, block-mount, and the various kmod-fs-XXXfor a USB drive. Others for different devices would be required.