VXLAN usage, Access Point <--> Router

Ahoy friends.
I got a outdoor access point in my home location, but i don't want to have lan access exposed to my outdoor location where the AP is located. So no one should be able to plug into the cable of the AP using a laptop or something similar and access my network easily.
So i want to configure port security on my Cisco switch, but the difficulty: The number of different MAC addresses, due to it's function as wireless AP. So i want only one MAC address to appear on the switch port, so i need a kind of Layer 2 tunneling mechanism, maybe VXLAN, or OpenVPN?
This way i want to tunnel the L2 traffic from the wireless AP to my router and it's specific VLANs.
Did someone work already with VXLAN on OpenWrt? Is there a guide on how to configure VXLAN properly on OpenWrt? I didn't find any Wiki guide yet. Or any other suggestions? VXLAN may be way faster than OpenVPN with encryption.

Thanks in advance!

How about gretap?

Can't you use VLANs, and dedicate specific ports on the switch to the outdoors APs, connected to a "guest" network.

Hey friends. Thanks a lot for your reply. @randyrodriguez ,i'll try out this solution as well, maybe it's easier.
I was able to fix it, now i only got one MAC address on the switchport interface as expected, and Port Security works fine now!

PSW-K-01#show mac address-table interface GigabitEthernet 1/1/7
Flags: I - Internal usage VLAN
Aging time is 300 sec

    Vlan          Mac Address         Port       Type    
------------ --------------------- ---------- ---------- 
    110        d8:47:32:f3:fb:68    gi1/1/7     secure   


And do i have to "terminate" the connection on the routers' side, on a physical connection, or is a loopback interface possible as well?

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