VR200V 5GHz radio higher than 12dbm, anyone?


i'm using a tp-link vr200v with openwrt. It works good so far but the wifi 5ghz is limited to 12dbm.
It could be driver mt76 related or eeprom related. If somebody has his vr200v running with higher 5ghz txpower, please let me know if you can share your eeprom with me!

Best regards!

My 5ghz is not working yet. It stops with firmware version not supported, did you had this problem?

Which versions of openwrt did it worked for you?


No i didn't. i'm running up to date snapshots.
Can you try it with build from tomorrow since there's a patch from today?

I will try this weekend, did you tested the Wave300?

no, not yet since i managed to get 5ghz working at higher tx power. But it's a dirty fix, see from here: https://github.com/openwrt/mt76/issues/227#issuecomment-942370453

Hi, 5GHz on openwrt 21, with the same 12 dbm limit