Vr200 openwrt installation/reboot problem

Hello all,
I have a tplink VR200 (also writing ac750 on the case with vr200 but the internal picture on the page same as vr200)

I followed the steps on installing openwrt-22.03.5-lantiq-xrx200-tplink_vr200-squashfs-sysupgrade and it successfully installed the firmware.
But after reset it entered a loop.

If it run it on failsafe everything seems ok.
I can browse the files inside etc.. but if i continue booting it starts to load the kernel and restarts a few times then hangs.

[   43.646665] gswip 1e108000.switch lan4: configuring for phy/rgmii link mode
[   43.657806] 8021q: adding VLAN 0 to HW filter on device lan4
[   43.665398] br-lan: port 4(lan4) entered blocking state
[   43.669195] br-lan: port 4(lan4) entered disabled state
[   43.693588] device lan4 entered promiscuous mode

(this is where it boots)

ROM VER: 1.1.4
CFG 05

At first boot it continued a few steps further..

[   62.434695] device lan4 entered promiscuous mode
[   79.878567] done.
[   79.879066] jffs2: notice: (2245) jffs2_build_xattr_subsystem: complete building xattr subsystem, 0 of xdatum (0 unchecked, 0 orphan) and 0 of xref (0 dead, 0 orphan) found.
[   80.307998] overlayfs: upper fs does not support tmpfile.

but after that restart again.

Is there anybody that can advice me what to do??? Where to check?