VPNC between LEDE and Fritzbox 6490

I try to setup a VPN connection, add the following to /etc/config/network:

Typ: IPSec Xauth PSK
Server-Adresse: 'vpn.example.com'
IPSec Identifier: ????????
IPSec Pre-Shared Key: ?????????
Nutzername: 'test'
Password:   'secret'

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config interface 'MYVPN'
        option proto 'vpnc'
        option interface 'wan'
        option server 'vpn.example.com'
        option username 'test'
        option password 'secret' # or:
        option hexpasswd 'AE7FF6A0426F0A0CD0A02EB9EC3C5066FAEB0B25'
        option authgroup 'DEFAULT'
        option passgroup 'groupsecret' # or:
        option hexpassgroup '52B0BEAF6605C3CE9BE20A0DC0A0F6240A6FF7EA'
        option domain 'WORKGROUP'
        option vendor 'cisco' # or 'netscreen'
        option natt_mode 'natt' # or 'none' or 'force-natt' or 'cisco-udp'
        option dh_group 'dh2' # or 'dh1' or 'dh5'
        option pfs 'server' # or 'nopfs' or 'dh1' or 'dh2' or 'dh5'
        option enable_single_des '0'
        option enable_no_enc '0' # '1' to enable unencrypted VPN
        option mtu '0'
        option local_addr ''
        option local_port '500' # '0' to use a random port
        option udp_port '10000' # '0' to use a random port
        option dpd_idle '300'
        option auth_mode 'psk' # or 'hybrid'
        option target_network '' # network/netmask or CIDR
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I don't know where the Information from IPSec Identifier and IPSec Pre-Shared Key belongs to????



See if this helps: