Vpnbook on lede 17.01.4

Is there away to get vpnbook working on this through openvpn.

is there a guide anyway been searching endlessly with no luck. It's driving me mad.

what I would like to do is turn my TP-Link wr1043nd into a vpn router and connect it to my modem.

Any help or pointers will be deeply appreciated.

Many Thanks

This threads seems to setup OpenVPN with username/password credentials:

Also, some of these threads may be helpful to you:


they don't seem to help.

I'm not sure abut OpenWRT, but this command cound on the link I showed you seems identical to connecting on plain Linux:

openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/rh-brq.conf --askpass --auth-user-pass

If you upload the conf file for the port you wish to use to the router, you should be able to run this command in order to login with the VPNBook credentials.