VPN Wireguard with custom DNS

I'm new to OpenWrt, and it all seem confusing.
ProtonVPN recently got support for WireGuard and got it running thanks to this Guy on YouTube .

Now I want run NextDNS too.
I tried using the NextDNS package with my information, but it was still using Protons DNS.

Also tried editing the VPN's interface, Custom DNS.. but that didn't help.

if everyone could help me out or guide me to a video or picture guide because of my limited knowledge, that would be appreciated.

Assuming your VPN provider doesn't intercept the DNS traffic, you should be able to serve the nextdns IPs through the DHCP.

I have a very similar setup. I use NordVpn through WireGuard in combination with the CleanBrowsing Family DNS filter.

Steps I undertook:

  1. put in DNS server IPs in Interfaces->WAN->Advanced Settings:

  1. set up DNS-hijacking to override to a different DNS server for televisions or devices that use Netflix/Prime and to provide some protection against LAN clients trying to use their own DNS server:

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Thank you for trying to guide me, but it's really hard to understand this language :sweat_smile:

I tried my best, but I didn't see anything in the my DNS logs.. so I must be doing something wrong. I'm going to add some screenshots.

My interface looks like this

and I added the custom DNS here

added the DNS hijacking you linked

these are the zones I copied from Wireguard video

Output of:

cat /tmp/resolv.conf.d/resolv.conf.auto
cat /etc/config/network