VPN WAN interface blocking normal WAN traffic when enabled

I have recently got a good deal on a VPN (for netflix and the like) and I am trying to setup one SSID for OpenVPN with all the other SSIDs and ethernet sending data via my standard route (router -> modem -> ISP).

I have created both a VPN (OpenVPN) tun interface with a WAN firewall zone and a SSID also with it's own LAN firewall zone (firewall is setup LAN -> WAN, LANVPN -> WANVPN), I have not set up any routes between the 2 pairs.

The problem I am having is even though the VPN is working and I can connect with the SSID, when it is running I lose all routing on the other SSIDs and ethernet (DNS still works though).

I am at a bit of a loss, any ideas?

What happens when you finally configure the routes needed?

Well I don't want any routes between the VPN pair and the non VPN pair.

Have you permitted forwarding between the two IP subnets?

I have permitted forwarding between the VPN WAN zone and the VPN LAN zone and between the non VPN WAN and the non VPN LAN, but not between the VPN and non VPN zones.