VPN Policy Routing working partially

I know vpn policy routing is not an officially supported package from the OpenWRT repositories, but hopefully somebody can help me out a little bit on a mystery I'm experiencing.
For my home network I have everything behind a Mullvad VPN.
Now in our home we have a subscription on Disney+, but when it notices the presence of a VPN you'll get thrown out of the app with a Error 73, that Disney+ might not be available in your region.
Now I extracted the url's it connects to whenever the Disney+ app is started, which are responsible for checking the region you're in and the use of a possible VPN.
What I did was install the vpn-policy-routing package, and reroute the requests to the domains it tries to reach upon starting the app through the WAN instead of the WGInterface.
For a short period of time this seems to work perfectly, only after a few hours it looks like OpenWRT starts to ignore the rerouting set-up in vpn-policy-routing and the Disney+ app starts throwing Error 73 messages again.
When issueing the /etc/init.d/vpn-policy-routing support i can see the configured routing as active.
Only a reload of the vpn-policy-routing makes my rerouting work properly again.
Now I've come up with the solution to reload the vpn-policy-routing every 2 hours or so, but there should be a more proper way of using this.
Does somebody have an idea?

Greetings Jasper


i think you should ask that in the discussion thread:

Good luck

Which DNS is used for resolving? The one from your ISP, from Mulvad, Google/some other?
I would exclude the streaming device from the VPN and make sure it uses the ISP DNS.

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Ah okay, sorry to post it in the wrong section then.
I'm making use of the Mullvad DNS servers indeed to avoid any DNS Leakage.
The DNS from my home modem is also not advertised to the router, which also directly uses the Mullvad VPN.
I'll try to exclude my Android TV box from the VPN network then if that seems the most wise solution,

Greetings Jasper

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