VPN Policy Routing seems to only work with remote ip, not domains


I am using OpenVPN Client for a VPN Connection to germany on my router via VyprVPN.
I am located in france.

Some Video on Demand Services like Apple TV+ or Disney+ I have ordered with the french IP, so I have to bypass them because of the geoblocking.

So I am using VPN Policy Routing for this.

If I catch the IP adresses this services are using and enter them into Policy Routing as remote IPs,
it works and the services run with the french IP.
But because I have to bypass some IP Ranges it affects other sites and services on the internet, too.
So I would change the remote IP addresses for the remote domains... tv.apple.com for example.
If I put the domains instead of the IP ranges into the VPN Bypass config it doesn't work.

Does anyone has an idea why?

Yes. Routing is done by IPs - so you need the IP ranges to create routing and policy rules.

You could also specify interfaces.