VPN Policy Routing OpenWrt 21.02.1

Last week I upgraded my WRT3200 & WRT1900 to 21.02.1

The upgrade was an easy task and the performance/stability is brilliant.

The WRT3200acm is the main router supported by a couple of APs.

I have the VPN Policy package installed running with three interfaces WAN
and two Wireguard (WG1 & WG2).

A minor issue (bug):

In 21.02.1 Luci doesn't show the "Service Gateways" in VPN Policy after a reboot
Fortunately the policies are not impacted, the reason why it's a minor issue.

The 19.07.8 version did always show the "Service Gateways"

Please see the attached pictures.

My VBR 0.3.4-8 works well on 21.02.1.

I did get a "Running" indication once and a "Restart" button click on the VBR LUCI App fixed the issue.

But, VBR should start up normally on reboot so you may have a unique setting in your configs that is causing it to freeze-up.

I am not using WireGuard but using OpenVPN.

Sorry, I cannot be of more assistance.

Thanks for you input / .... by the way I recommend trying Wireguard :slight_smile:

The routing starts normally on reboot and by changes, no freezes ... so the intended operational VPN routing functionality is ok /

I see the minor issue as Luci not fetching and displaying the available "Service Gateway" information.