VPN Policy Routing/Bypass

Hello Guys/Girls,

I need some setup help from you :slight_smile:

My Openwrt Wifi Router is connected to a WireGuard VPN.

I need to to route some local IPs through a full tunnel. And most of the other iPs just need to make the DNS to the WireGuard VPN.

Can you help me with setup.

So far I use VPN Policy Routing/Bypass from @stangri

Let me know what config files you want to see.
I just can’t get it to work probably.

Are you saying that this isn't working?

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After lot of settings in past i've found that easiest is to add 2nd router that holds VPN clients.

So - when some Wifi or Ethernet client need just internet w/o VPN device must connect to it.
But if someone need VPN then need to connect to 2nd router.

It doesn’t. But maybe I do something wrong.
It does work to bypass some domains from VPN. Let’s say to get VoWifi.
But it doesn’t work for routing some IPs through the VPN.

I want to generally just push DNS to the VPN but everything else outside of that.