VPN Policy Issue

Formally "Interface connectivity issue"

Having a rather peculiar issue here.

Was on 18.06.02 and noticed that my VPN was connecting, then encountering an error where I got a red error message (I can't remember what it was, something like device not found I think?), then it would reconnect. I saw that .04 was available so I went ahead and upgraded to make sure it wasn't any already resolved issue. Spent a couple of hours trying to get things back to normal and I saw it was still having the same issue. Decided to try a couple of different servers from the VPN and looks like it was a particular server that I was trying to use, so that appears to be resolved.

HOWEVER, even though I'm using "VPN Policy Routing" and have been using it successfully for awhile now, it seems all of the computers on the network are being tunneled through the VPN, instead of only a select group of IP addresses.

To put it into simple terms, it's as though the router is ignoring what it's supposed to do, either that or maybe something internally isn't set properly and so it's using the wrong interface for main communications.

I'm usually able to figure these things out, but if it's an interface issue, it's going to be something that I will need some hand-holding in regards to sorting it out (the nitty gritty stuff confuses me for some reason).