VPN over IPv6 running L2TP protocol?

Hi guys, I had a question.
Is it possible to creat a IPv6 VPN?

I am using a VPC running my vpn L2TP tunnel without encryption to my home OpenWrt router, I do this to improve my ping for gaming and hence why I use no encryption.

But my ISP and server both support IPv6, I was hoping to change my connection to my VPN to connect via IPv6 rather than the old IP. I am hoping that perhaps i can improve my ping =perhaps a further 5ms if possible by making the connection to the VPC ipv6.

I can only see that wireguard supports IPv6 but I would rather use a faster protocol as security is not my issue here.

I am currently creating my LT2P tunnel by using softether server on my vpc.

Any advice or perhaps solutions would be really welcomed.

Thanks again.


Are you using softether on openwrt? I found an issue that says softether can't connect over ipv6 on openwrt.

There are other type of tunnels that you can try such as GRE (or GRETAP is you need a layer 2 tunnel).

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Hi, thanks for your reply.
I am using softether on my vpc running linux ubuntu 20.

I have gre installed on my openwrt at home but I have not been able to connect to softether. for the L2PT protocal I can not enter a IPv6 address either.

Also in Luci not all the protocols show up when creating a new instance such as GREv6 and others. I just want my connection to my server to be connected via IPv6 and for all data to go through this tunnel and on server side to act as a vpn for everything. Is that not possible?

You can as well consider using WireGuard or OpenVPN as they both work with IPv4 and IPv6.

There is a new luci-proto-gre package in the snapshot if you need it.

And don't call it a vpn. GRE is an unprotected tunnel.

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Thanks for teh help guys, but I may sound stupid but how do I install the luci proto from github to my openwrt?

I am actually sorry for my stupid question. I have now got the Gre protos installed.

What I am trying to achieve is to tunnel all my internet traffic through the GRE tunnel connecting my home openwrt router to my cloud linux pc.
I have managed to get a gre up and running in my instance but I cant force the internet traffic to be sent through it and work it like a vpn even though I know it doesn't have security, however that is what I am trying to achieve.
I have good reasons for this. I want to achieve the fastest ping possible from my location to the cloud computer.