VPN on WDR3600 running 18.06.1 + dynamic IP

Hello people...

I would like to create a ppp VPN server on my router using OpenWRT version 18.06.1 ...

My connection does not have a fixed IP, so I would like to try using a dynamic DNS service, such as NO-IP, which I already have installed, configured and operational ..

I have read several VPN tutorials on the internet out, tried several and none of them worked correctly.

Would anyone have a tutorial that works for this version?

I know that VPN ppp is insecure, but for what I need, it serves perfectly and in addition, there are few incoming connections.

thank you!

Nobody? :disappointed_relieved:

Your question is too generic for a reasonable answer, but I'm sure the wiki knows about strongswan (IPsec/ IKEv2), wireguard or OpenVPN.

Thanks friend, but none of these VPN types satisfies my need - I need a simple one and PPTP is sufficient.
I've been trying to run some tests with PPTP and I still can not get it to work, but I think it's a little short ...
I'm following this tutorial here => https://oldwiki.archive.openwrt.org/doc/howto/vpn.server.pptpd
The interesting thing is that I was able to connect to the server created from inside my network, but from the outside, I can not at all - maybe the firewall is preventing, but as I am "noob" in firewall, I am studying even more ...
Any ideas how to "open" my firewall to accept external connections?
Anyway, thank you in advance! :+1:

When testing a service you are providing to outside, your test client machine has to be really "outside", i.e. using a different ISP line, such as a hotspotted phone. Trying to connect to your own public IP from inside the LAN often does not work.

PPTP is really insecure. The PopTop source code has not been updated since 2007. It's not true that there will be "few incoming connections". When you open a port to the Internet it will get hit from all over the world.

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Thanks in advice...

I'm testing using my cell phone and a 4G connection from outside my network into ...

Testing, testing but my time is short!