VPN on primary WIFI network, no VPN on Guest WIFI network

Good morning,

I'd like to use my VPN provider for the main WIFI network for the house, however, because most streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc, are actively looking for and bombing out with VPN connections, I would like my guest WIFI to NOT be VPN'd.

Is that possible through LEDE?


Hey Vault-Tec
Did you find a way to do it? also looking for the same?


That's why I created vpnbypass and openvpn-policy-routing packages.

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Hi, I achieved this by using firewall rules. My primary and guest network are on different zones. Only the primary one forwards to the vpn zone. :slight_smile:

This and this may also help.

I didn't find your packages here.

Yeah, they're not in the release repo, they're in the snapshots repo or you can add my own repo to your router: https://stangri.github.io/openwrt-repo/.

Thank you. I'll try them ASAP.

Hi, would it be possible to have the complete configuration (network, firewall, etc...) to achieve this result with the firewall rules? I'm struggling with this since days :frowning: