VPN on only one of two wifi

Hello, I am new user of openwrt.
I have tl-wr802nv4 with openwrt. I want to set one wifi for examle L_NET to not use vpn and L_NET_SEC to use vpn. Now I have configuret openvpn client and two wifi have vpn.

Unsupported hardware (4/32).

What is that mean?

You won't fit (a security supported version of) OpenWrt into that amount of flash to begin with, let alone with the packages needed for VPN usage - nor is the RAM sufficient for that task. This device is a hard no-go for your plans.

I now have all openvpn needable files and 400Kib of free space and 32Mib of ram free

Running a very old version of Openwrt, or a stripped fw...


Its end for now thanks all for help

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