VPN on BT Home Hub 5A, what to expect?

My current main router is 30 mbps VDSL connected directly to a BT Home Hub 5A running OpenWrt 19.07 and I was considering running a VPN on it (anything that works with Nord). What should I expect in terms of speed? And what VPN Clint would you recommend for a router with a modest CPU like what? I am not currently running any other packages on that router, though I wish to eventually develop some bandwidth monitoring tool to run on it.

Have you studied the openvpn client guide for HH5A ?


Don't expect more than 10 Mbps openvpn speeds.

For obsolete protocols, I personally never got pptp working well in LEDE 17, and it didn't work at all with 18.06.2 - I recall raising a bug report.

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Many thanks, @bill888. I guess I might have to put it on a downstream router, probably C7.

C7 won't be much faster. Guessing around 12-14 Mbps if using openvpn.

Perhaps try using stock tplink firmware on C7 if Nord still support pptp or l2tp.

Yeah, but it's what I have for now, until I get another one. High spead doesn't matter much anyway as I don't steam large videos.

This router can run 10Mbps which is fast enough for streaming. TPlink c7 is rubbish don't know why they are selling so expensive on ebay. Perhaps hub 5 is difficult to install openwrt but it is really a solid router, very good signal.

The cheapest VPN is pureVPN and it works fine with this router. I have used it for more than 2 years now and upgraded to 19.07 never had any issue.

If WireGuard's an option you might want to look at that. Should offer better performance.

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It's painful, not the software process as the guys made it easy, but getting serial access to those sub-millimeter pads.

I strongly disagree here. Speed is OK, but signal is much weaker than C7. (not promoting C7 here; it has small flash storage).

I like the BTHH5A; it's a good all in one device for a storage, and certainly better than using a cheap ISP modem. I am just saying it's not good enough to provide WiFi coverage for a house, even if it's Internet speed might suite some people.

Edit: I did some experimenting with positioning the BTHH5A and it seems that the WiFi isn't bad after all. Of course there are no external antennas to adjust, so you have to move the router itself. It's not the best WiFi I have seen, but it's OK, so I stand corrected.

In my experience, you can get ~9mbps with OpenVPN on HH5a and ~25mbps with WireGuard.