VPN IPv4 and IPv6 question

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My VPN provider only supports IPv4. How can I block IPv6 to prevent my IPv6 leak?

Can you please provide me with commands/scripts?

Does your router has IPv6 enabled?

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If it's a conventional setup, remove or disabling the wan6 interface would prevent any v6 traffic to the ISP. This will also cause the LAN(s) to fall back to a v4 only compatible mode.

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No, but I want to be 100% side that there will no my real IP leak.

How to? Where find?

PS: is there any way to block WebRTC directly on router?

If you've worked with OpenWrt enough to set up a VPN client on your OpenWrt router, it would be apparent that you should go to the Interfaces page, edit wan6, and check the disable box. I really don't recommend going and clicking things without any idea what they do though.

WebRTC is only an issue if you're using a http proxy and not a full VPN. A full VPN will also tunnel the WebRTC packets.

I know that… You misunderstood me. I want to add additional protection from it. Not just disable.

What 'additional' protection do you think you could get on top of disabling ipv6 on the interface?

Something like “block” rule or something. Let’s say that will be second layer of security.

Or you think that is redundant?

Yes, I'd say blocking something that doesn't exist is probably redundant.

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