VPN: How do I create a safe environment?

When shifting to a VPN one essentially bypasses the router firewall but also the ISP's firewall which protects one from exposure to bad actors, malware and the like.

What does I need to do to create a safe and secure environment when using a VPN?

The router's firewall is still active and effective against simple incoming attacks from the Internet if you place the VPN tunnel in the wan zone or a new zone configured similar to wan where input is not accepted.

The marketing of a consumer VPN is that the ISP is not to be trusted. What is less said is that the VPN operator must be trusted.


Thank you, I checked and both (vpn/wan) have input on reject.

Who can you trust? thank the lord for sites like:

Most attacks and malicious code will reach you via the browser, email, or chat ...

No VPN (or firewall) in the world will save you from those.

Additional security, and VPN shouldn't be used in the same sentence.

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