VPN from smartphone to openWRT router?


I want to make the following VPN connection:

smartphone(connected to public or hotel wireless) - VPN - openWRT_router(located at my home) - the_internet
this will result in more secure browsing

office_computer(connected to corporate network) - VPN - openWRT_router(located at my home) - the_internet
this will bypass corporate internet restrictions

There are several guides about VPNs in OpenWrt, do you have any specific question?

Look at wireguard -- pretty easy to setup and high performance.

On your use cases:

  • Securing your browsing and such while you are in public/remote locations makes a lot of sense. I have a similar setup, in part.

  • I'd be really careful about using your VPN on your office computer to bypass internet restrictions. It doesn't matter if the restrictions are right or wrong, they are there for a reason. You may or may not be able to install a VPN onto your corporate computer, but don't forget that they may monitor your usage (with software running on the laptop). So while you may be able bypass the restrictions, remember that they may know what you're doing with your computer. Either way, if your actions are discovered, there could potentially be consequences including termination. I'm not interested in starting a debate about this topic, just want to warn you that your company may have policies in place that prohibit what you're thinking about doing, and you could get in serious trouble for it.


It will also lock you out of corporate services if they're only available on the internal network, unless you take appropriate steps (such as using a VM or setting specific routes, etc.)

Not saying it can't be done, just keep it in mind.

My question is how can be done.
Already looked for guides in google and for videos on you tube. Nothing useful.

just wanted to mention what are the advantages. I am not going to do online banking on public networks. BUt with that solution will feel more comfortable. Also the websites won't be able to track me where I am (they will know only who is my ISP).

OP could as well exclude the corporate network with split tunneling.
But as @psherman well pointed, it can be discovered and might not end well.