VPN dns cloudflare


I've configured my vpn on the last build. (Ovpn).
Everything Is ok I'm connected but netflix detected my vpn so I add dhcp option : 6,, in interface - lan- dhcp server.

It is ok now to watch netflix but I dont have the good library.. , the ip is in the right country but the dns is never the good one.
Exemple: connected to france paris (ip ok) but dns in Netherlands (cloudflare) or connect to Strasbourg but dns in germany , so I have netflix in the dns locations and not where is my ip.
Do you have suggestions?

Route DNS via vpn, too.


Explication? I'm a novice

Have you tried to use the VPN provider's own nameservers instead of clouflare?

I've put the server yes, actually in france.. but I don't have more...
You mean dns from them?

Yes, DNS from the VPN you are using.

It is an openvpn config. I dont have it. I have the .ovpn files but nothing in it. So I've put the cloudflare in the openwrt setup but it is in gernany

It is quite possible that they are pushing the DNS when you connect, therefore it is not needed in the ovpn file.
Another thought is that their whole address space is already banned from Netflix. I had the same issue when I was using Hurricane Electric ipv6.

I tried 3 different dns and always in Germany cloudflare even with or

Have you tried OpenDNS , ?!