VPN Dedicated IP (purchased) for server


My objectives are to
A) have SSH from anywhere not just my local network onto my server.
B) use the server as an MQTT broker which I already have set up and working on local lan
C) allow for an Apache server connection out to the internet, not as a WWW website but a gateway to observe the MQTT details as an overview. I have this set up also on the local network (I guess that is a web server without a host resolution)?

I have a VPN provider who I spoke to and I used their services for almost 7 years, they upgraded for so cheap, like ten Euros a year to add a dedicated IP address, they said that (the much more expensive) business system allows for port management but as I am a student they trust I am using it for non commercial reasons and I can just write to them and they can open and close ports.

So, please can you tell me the simplest way to set this up? The provider offers a number of types of authentication, including Wireguard BUT the How2s I can find explain how to set up a web browsing system, where the user is using the general internet not allowing access inwards.

Can anyone suggest a starting point / How2 that I should look at?

Thanks for your help!