VPN Configuration


I need help with configuration...

Router connects to VPN server, and shares a network...
From that network, to internetconnection, way is trough another, multiple VPN's

I don't know nothink about configuring VPN.

Please help.

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That's nice. But I think there's something like where to enable forward to network, so I can have cloud network like localnetwork from connecting on router, and how to connect further on corporate vpn and free internet...

There's some IP forwarding... I can set normal OpenVPN to tunel device, but this is more complicated setup, but thank you.

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It depends on your VPN protocol, network topology, routing settings, etc.
Follow the wiki to set up the VPN connection and configure the forwardings.

If you experience issues, proceed with the troubleshooting section.
Collect the diagnostics and post it to pastebin.com redacting the private parts.

So to decide by which node my packets leave the VPN trought multiple other VPN's I pick a gateway?

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