VPN Cert Issues

Hello there, I've had my LEDE VPN setup for some time now and everything was working great. I use Verizon and for a long time I was able to keep the IP address assigned to me. Just a few day ago it had changed.

I went ahead and setup dyndns and configured it on my LEDE routed and everything works great. So far I only have three people who connect to my my VPN. My wife's phone, my phone, and my system 76 laptop.

So here is the wierd thing! I can no longer connect using my laptop. I can use either of the other 2 certs to connect be the cert I have set up for my laptop refuses to connect. I looked at the .ovpn file and beside the name of the certs they all look the same.

My main question is what it the best practice to remove certs form my keys. It's a little confusing because the two phone certs work just fine when using on my laptop. I also notices that I had two ca.crt but checked both of them.

Any feeback would be much appreciated. Please fee to ask questions in case some of this don't make sense.

Please do the following:

  1. /etc/config/openvpn:
    • verb 5
    • proto tcp
  2. /etc/config/firewall:
    • Change OpenVPN rules to proto 'tcp udp'
  3. Client Config:
    • verb 7
    • proto tcp
  4. Disconnect Client
  5. LEDE: cd /etc/init.d && ./firewall reload && ./openvpn restart
  6. Reconnect client

Once that's done, and the connect attempt fails (you'll see this in the connection log window if you're using Windows), please post your client and server logs, as well as the configs for each (please ensure you remove WAN IP, DDNS, and port # from configs and logs).

  • Server Log: /tmp/openvpn.log
  • Client Log:
    • Windows: Right click on OpenVPN tray icon -> View Log
    • BSD/Linux: Refer to OpenVPN client config or application