VPN and "leaky" cable modem - does OpenWrt help?

Hi, NOOB here, 2nd post. I searched but couldn't find the answer to the following question.

OK, I'm subscribed to Express VPN which connects to a specific ExpressVPN server via the OpenVPN protocol. However, between the Asus Router (flashed with OpenWRT) and the ExpressVPN server is the leaky cable modem and the ISP servers.

Leaky cable modem? Well, I'm in Canada so let's say I'm a journalist and criticized our socialist sh**hole. Maybe we pay too much tax, etc. Yes, that'll do it. Now Big Brother tells my ISP to send them everything I do via the cable modem or ISP server/

I can't flash the cable modem without violating the TOS of my ISP, so does my VPN tunnel actually provide me any protection?

It'll know you are talking to expressVPN server with bunch of encrypted data, but not much else.


That is the purpose of a VPN: all traffic between your router and ExpessVPN servers is encrypted, and anybody in-between can know what is being sent and received.

On the other hand, if your ISP was interested in spying on you, they do not but to tinker with your modem, because all the traffic passes through their networks anyhow.


Thanks for your responses. Just one last question. If my ISP sees all of the handshaking and key data passing through their servers, does my VPN still provide me protection?

unless you are using pptp (that's broken long time ago) or NSA has something we don't know in pocket and trust ISP enough to deploy it on their server, yes it will provide you protection

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By the way, ExpressVPN can see all your traffic...... unencrypted

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And now, Big Brother can ask ExpressVPN to send them everything you do. So, either you trust your ISP or ExpressVPN.