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Do you know why when I'm connected to my vpn on my android cell, VPN app from nordvpn, I can't reach, open, the web interface,


Yes, because you're connected to NordVPN, simple.

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What about standard PC? It should connect to even if it is connected to VPN.

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Your answer is senseless. I don't know specific routing issues for Android, but standard PC should connect.

Like Ileachii said, you can't access your router's interface while you are using the VPN on your phone. You would have to turn the VPN app off to connect to


If you want to always be behind a VPN, but also be able to access your router webUI on your cell and not have to play with settings all the time:

  • install the OpenVPN client on your router, upload the NordVPN .opvn file of the server you want to connect to, set it up
  • on your phone, in the NordVPN app, make sure to trust the WiFi network you are connected to.

I used NordVPN for a brief time, their iOS app worked well, by trusting a WiFi network, your cell app basically turn the VPN off as soon as you connect to that network. I found it worked flawlessly when I moved in and out of my home network. As soon as I was out of range from my router, the VPN cell app would start instantly.

Hopefully the Android app has that trusted network function and you can install VPN client on your router.


Pc yes.. so why android?

Have you noticed that you're you're the first person in the thread to mention the word "routing"???

(Yes I understand you must be considering that is the LAN, and hence the traffic would...leak there by default - without advanced configuration.)

Did you mean why not Android...or "so why does Android have this issue"?

As long as you don't run an application that prevents accidental leaking of traffic onto the LAN, except traffic destined for the VPN server - like the NordVPN app, then it would work. :smile:

It wasn't senseless; please refrain from the insults. I simply thought of other causes of the issue besides routing (which BTW wasn't even on the top of my list of things to consider, especially given the reality it's a very well-known app...that prevents leaks).

(BTW, since I technically gave the answer first, shouldn't I get the solution check box - although @Darius mentioned the bypass for iOS? Not a big deal, j/k.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry. Yes I meant why not :slight_smile:

Please, give comprehensive answer. I am tired from such 'evident' answers. I am tired from 'half-answers' too. Furthermore today I've got verification of issue, which I was investigating a month and half ago. It was formulated in the same words. I am tired.

Again: "In order to reach the web GUI, the user should disconnect from NordVPN. NordVPN prevents leaking."

As noted here:

And here:

Elements contributed by the OP - and 'my mental responses':

  • "I'm connected to my vpn on my android cell" - 'the OP is using a VPN'
  • "from nordvpn" - 'a VPN that prevents leaks'

Both statements were complete and inclusive of all elements needed to both grasp and solve the OP's problem with the app on an Android device (i.e. disable NordVPN to reach devices outside of the VPN tunnel; or better known as "an answer to the OPs question").

Screenshot from 2020-03-06 16-12-48

I can't help that threads with clear and easily understandable answers stress you out; and we just covered that all the elements of the OP's statement were in fact replied to.

LMFAO, you're not even the OP.

I'm completely lost at what you're talking about. Perhaps your statement is off-topic; and as such should be flagged? :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope it didn't take you a month and a half to understand it also. :laughing:

Feel free to create a NordVPN account or ask NordVPN why they made a product that users wish not to leak traffic...I've never heard of such insanity...upset about some unknown past thread???

I was expecting an apology for the 'senseless' remark; but I guess not - and I understand you are frustrated and upset (but no clue why :open_mouth:). If you want to explain what you're talking about as an adult, feel free to DM me; but please refrain from hijacking this kind person's thread again.

I don't even recall assisting you; and I cannot find a single thread created by you - to which I've replied...except one...over six months ago...where you thanked everyone; but no one answered you satisfactorily until you clarified you were referring to wireless; and not a bridge...of the three people who answered, one provided the path you sought, and 2 (including myself) provided the relevant Wiki that contained the information...but I CAN recall a lot of threads like this - where you hijack them - upset, telling people about some past thread - quite like you just did.

I don't believe it honestly took you six months to figure out how your WiFi is bridged to the LAN Interface, especially after you marked a post after mine's - as the solution, less than 90 minutes after your OP.

EDIT: BTW, the OP asked you why it doesn't work, not me. :wink:

Ogh, I am really sorry, if it was upsetting to you. I am sorry, please, don't treat my message as offensive one. I've just gave my appraisal. I didn't expect such comprehensive answer. But if it takes place, it is really worth to discuss.

Sorry, what about micro-thread, that I created? It was very simple question, and I got comprehensive answers in two sentences.

Thread is following: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/mwan3-and-ipset/

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Thanks for the clarity; all is well.

I'll read the thread you linked and DM you (as appropriate) in regards to it - as I don't see any post from me in that thread...and I don't recall EVER assisting anyone with mwan3.

It is reason of my upset, it is not connected with you.

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