Vp24200 and OpenWrt

I've started to think about

8gb of ram + their WiFi solution

  1. Will it work with OpenWRT?
  2. Should I pick bios or coreboot version?

I'd stay away from the wifi, unless you can find out what card it is, there's a big risk it's going to be an intel AX200 or AX210.

Coreboot usually works, the APUs use it, I assume it's cheaper than regular bios.

At 500€ bare, I wouldn't buy it, unless you need the 2.5Gbit ports.

I do need 2.5Gbit in entire network and currently have only critical part connected with 2.5Gbit switch.

Whats wrong with AX200/210?

I was also thinking about odroid h3+ with switch plate but vp solution is way more compact and don’t need to relay on external device for wifi.

I am open to other solutions.

Ax200/210 can't do AP mode, unless slow speed isn't an issue for you.

slow speeds is no go.

Then check Installing better Wifi Card in Router?, but a stand alone router as AP, or an AP will probably be cheaper.