VOTING [ relaunch] planned?

i think all of the designs posted as screenshots here suck and i won't vote for any

Watch your language please and try to keep it neutral.

no reason to close the other thread for that

@moretocome Agreed, that's a lot of words to obscurate what OpenWRT is; a long established open source community that's turning vanilla routers into flexible network devices by replacing restrictive firmware with Linux... etc etc.

Designwise, I'm thinking of something along the lines of the Github homepage. Maybe there are no web designers here, only programmers?

btw - anyone know of an iphone style icon for OpenWRT? Is there even such a thing?

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There are, but they are probably reluctant to dive into this discussion. From a professional standpoint, the front page is only a superficial indicator of deeper problems, mainly the lack of a well-defined and managed outward identity. That is not a shortcoming of the team, but rather a task they are not prioritizing. The problems are completely resolveable, but would require a lot of work, in the range of several hundreds of man hours and a multi-year commitment.

Also, while open-source "software by committee" can work brilliantly (OpenWrt is a prime example for that), "design by committee" almost always fails.

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Don't forget the project only just merged and has had a lot of housekeeping to do.
I suspect a lot more to do as well, which we all can help with in different ways.

The voting is not for a complete new design, including design phase, developments etc...
It is just about changing the design template in the admin settings of DokuWiki.

Instead of voting, might be easier for those with the skill to submit new dokuwiki templates and see what happens

Since everything is OpenWrt again, I think there needs to be a consistent look and feel across all of the OpenWrt websites. If everything looks the same a user gets the feel everything is a part of the same project. By having inconsistencies between the sites it looks like they were thrown together without anyone talking to each other.

The difficulty is uses uses

so they will never be the same but if the can be made similar that would be great

Hi everyone!
I like the Wiki template, menus can be easier to navigate than the current template.
IMHO, I think this is a good change to have a new face to this magnificent project.