Volver a firmware original NuCom R5010UN v2

Le instale openwrt y ahora quiero volver a su firmware original alguien que me pueda decir cómo hacerlo por
favor ayudenme!!

Note: wifi performance will be terrible and DSL won't work at all (if you need the modem)!


Si exactamente ya lo instale pero ahora quiero regresar asu firmware original del nucom

Please translate to English for the forum. You may post your native language as well, but at least use Google Translate or similar to provide English.

I already have openwrt installed on the nucom and yes, it is exactly as you say the wifi is terrible for that reason I want to return to its original nucom firmware

You should be able to flash back using the procedure listed in the device info page linked above. You'll need to locate a copy of the firmware from the original vendor.

Flashing ANY Firmware

With this procedure you will flash the firmware using the bootloader web interface (foolproof)

  1. Set a static IP on your computer, use (or any compatible), and connect an ethernet cable from the computer to the router.

  2. Unplug the router's power cord

  3. Press the button labeled as RESET, don't release it yet!

  4. Plug the power cord

  5. Wait 12 seconds or more

  6. Release the RESET button

  7. Browse to, you should see this screen:

  8. Select .bin firmware

  9. Press Update Software to start the firmware update process

  10. Wait for it to reboot

  11. Telnet or ssh to and set a root password, or browse to if LuCI is installed.