Voip server on OpenWrt 21 using 3g dongle

Hello, I am new to this area, but I would like to create a small server using my router (hg553 + 8G exroot), this server will allow:

  • make calls using voip software clients (lan or wan)
  • use huawei e173 3g modems (unlocked + voice call activated) as gsm gateways.
    I had tested the e173 with AT command and i was able to make my phone ring.
    I'm following tutorials but I can't get this stuff to work (some packages are missing).
    Note : I can use an ubuntu server if it can do the work instead.

Thanks for you help

The asterisk-chan-dongle package is probably what you are looking for. Then you can use Asterisk to route incoming/outgoing voice calls on the 3G dongle e.g. to SIP or H.323 endpoints.

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Thank you for your reply, do you have a recent how to topic to install it with updated links, because if I do find one there are some not found packages.

Follow this topic : how-to-install-and-configure well explained

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