VOIP can't get it to work

Hi. I'm trying to make voip to work but I can't.
I have an ip from isp in the voip's interface using dhcp and I made a route this way:

config route
        option interface 'voip'
        option target ''
        option gateway ''
        option type 'broadcast'

and with this route, I can ping to voip server ( from router, but not from lan, so I guess there is something missing in routing option.
Voip is working if I use the isp's router. The problem is with OpenWRT.

Any help would be appreciated.

Skip the rule, and try VoIP behind a OpenWrt NAT router - #12 by mpa

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I've already did it. In fact, I've already read almost every post on the internet and nothing works.

And we would know this how ?

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Don't answer if you're not helpful.

don't provide any additional info, if you don't want any help.

There wouldn't have been an advice, if we'd know what was already tested, right ?

Let me try to be helpful, maybe try the same that solved your last problem