Vocore2 can't connect to my access point

I have a vocore2 computer with :
Powered by LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.170.32094-4d6d8bc) / OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292

It is configured like access point and i can connect my computer on it and access via SSH but i want configure vocore2 like client to connect it to my access point SSID : myaccesspoint
vocore2 ip :
my access point :
ID : myaccesspoint
pass : 0123456789


I hope the SSID and the pass are not for real.


Sorry but documentation isn't clear and lucy is a shitty interface for
me. My real ssid and password is :
SSID : 0123456789
PASS : 0123456789
I have nothing important on internet, everybody can know it and use my
access point.
Best regards

I'm confused, if you have a device successfully connecting to the AP, wouldn't you troubleshoot the vocore2?

thank you for your help, it is ok now, i follow that you say and now it is ok, don't resolve but ok.
my vocore2 is ok
my access point is ok
i just want to connect vocore2 under openwrt to my access point (id : 0123456789 pass : 0123456789 ip :
i want do that in command line not by luci, understand ?
Best regards

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@vgaetera, can you help a brotha out with the UCIs?

(He's excellent at it, @tonio - I personally don't know the UCI commands, only the file-edit method.)

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Accodring to the wiki, it should be something like this:

uci -q batch << "EOF"
del_list firewall.@zone[1].network=wwan
add_list firewall.@zone[1].network=wwan
commit firewall
delete network.wwan
set network.wwan=interface
set network.wwan.proto=dhcp
commit network
delete wireless.wwan
set wireless.wwan=wifi-iface
set wireless.wwan.device=radio0
set wireless.wwan.mode=sta
set wireless.wwan.network=wwan
set wireless.wwan.ssid=0123456789
set wireless.wwan.key=0123456789
set wireless.wwan.encryption=psk2
commit wireless
/etc/init.d/firewall restart
/etc/init.d/network restart

However my experience with wireless client setup is exclusively theoretical.

In addition, I'm not sure about the following:

  • The current and required network and firewall settings.
  • Whether the hardware/drivers support multi-SSID or not.
  • Which wireless encryption method is required.

ok for file-edit method, can you say to me, what file and what i put in ?
Best regards

From the commands, it seems three:

  • /etc/config/network - create interface
  • /etc/config/wireless - set WiFi for interface
  • /etc/config/firewall - adding interface to a firewall zone

(Using the web GUI is also an option.)

Hope this helps.

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be careful to the tunnel effect, i just made a mistake with encryption protocol, i focalize on wep, that's was wpa...
It's resolved, thanks for all.

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