Vocore 1.0 - config reset on reboot - solved?

I'm posting this in case someone else has this problem, and also for myself.

I have an older vocore 1.0 that had been sitting for a long time. I had it configured as a wifi router.

I decided to upgrade to OpenWrt 19.07.2, r10947-65030d81f3 from some 14.x version using the web UI.

Unfortunately initial indications were that the device was bricked, but really it's config was reset. I was able to log in via to the wired interface since the wifi was disabled.

When attempting to configure the device, I found that the config was reset every time it rebooted.

I found this:

And this worked. The sysupgrade image seems to solve this. There seems to be a few posts about this, I wish I would have found it in a FAQ.

I have the device re-configured as a router again with no issue.