Vnstat2 over NFS: Error: Not enough free diskspace available

Hello kind stranger!

I want to have nice vnstati graphs for network traffic on my wan interface (eth0.2). I mounted a NFS share from my server on my router, so the db would persist. When i started vnstat, it said I don't have enough free diskspace available, and created an empty vnstat.db. I am at a loss what it could be. The directory is writable (i checked) and has enough free space.

vnstatd --initdb -D output:

/etc/fstab /mnt/server nfs rw,soft,defaults 0 0

OpenWrt version: OpenWrt 21.02.0
Router: TP-Link Archer C7 v2
nfs-utils: 2.5.2
vnstatd: 2.7

Am I doing something wrong?
Help would be highly appreciated

since there's a preceding
Error (debug): updatedirowner() chown() "/mnt/server/openwrt/": Operation not permitted,
I'd say the disk space error's miss leading, because of the initial permission problem.

Database "/mnt/server/openwrt//vnstat.db" open (ro: 0)
the // doesn't help, even though I don't think it's the actual issue.

Yeah I also thought that was a problem, but I don't understand why would it want to change permissons, vnstat1 didn't do that. The share is setup on the server as nobody:nogroup, and in openwrt it is root:root

The // is because of I had DatabaseDir "/mnt/server/openwrt/" instead of /mnt/server/openwrt

I retried today and it seems to work somehow :person_shrugging:
I don't think I changed anything, but it seems to be resolved.

Karma perhaps ,)

Ok, i made a derp now, the NFS share was't mounted when I tested now , but it seems to be working even if I mount it. It still complains about the permissions. I hope this keeps working now.

P.S. Frollic is one of my dogs favorite treats :smiley: