Vnstat (and Bandwidth Monitor) Always reporting wrong?

Wow, I went to post on the OpenWRT forum and couldn't log in only to discover it's gone! That's a sad bit of history there :frowning:

I've noticed recently while looking into my vnstat and Bandwidth Montior numbers that they're obnoxiously consistently wrong. Not sure what happend with BM but it seems to never show more than a few hundred meg per device on the network (it shows traffic on all devices, but never a meaningful amount.)

vnstat seems slightly more believable, but it's showing 480GB on a period I'm certain I've pulled well over 2TB, maybe over 4TB, all on the WAN interface. I suppose it's a minor issue, but since it was a very heavy usage moth due to some one time downloads I was curious to check bandwidth to make sure I haven't used too much unlimited, and discovered that all the reports are freakishly low.

Are there any known issues with these tools chronically under-reporting in LEDE Reboot?

I'm not familiar with those tools, but I'd check for 32-bit counters and/or arithmetic. 2^32 is a little over 4 GB which isn't "enough" for today's bandwidth.