VMWare Workstation no DNS/Internet

But they must have console access. So copy/paste should still work. Depends on the vm host, I guess.

Great! As a student, you now have access to the documentation you need.

Thankyou so much for your time.Still the problem is unresolved

I hope you aren’t expecting the volunteer community to do your homework. Since you are a student, this is probably one of the things you should be learning - if we do it for you, you won’t have actually learned anything.


I wa just expecting guidance to how to solve this problem as I have done everything that I can do to solve this. I am new to it that's why I need help.

Have you read the through the documentation I linked? If so, where did you get stuck?

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Can you provide what was asked of you?



cat /etc/config/network

cat /etc/config/wireless

cat /etc/config/dhcp

cat /etc/config/firewall

I followed this tutorial https://youtu.be/gJoTYxk-EYU?feature=shared

vm configration
vm config

I am stuck I really need help

Please explain the connections:

  • Bridged Network Adapter; and
  • Custom Network Adapter 2

We cannot guess how your host is configured - you have to explain.

  • Your first interface should be your desired LAN
  • Your second interface should be your desired WAN
  • Fix accordingly
  • Reset OpenWrt and it should get Internet by default
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Where to change I cant get it. can you please explain

Honestly, I'm not sure what you're asking me to explain, please clarify. This is an OpenWrt forum. If you need assistance with the Hypervisor, I would suggest seeking their support channels.

If you need more assistance with OpenWrt, please be extremely verbose and detailed in explaining what help you need.

I would also advise reviewing the Wiki - and if you have questions, feel free to ask us about any steps you're having an issue with.


I installed openwrt on VMware workstation and connected the two virtual machine. Luci is working on Ubuntu but no internet connection in Ubuntu

That's not very much information, please elaborate:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What is your host operating system?
  • How did you configure VMware for OpenWrt?
  • What/where is your Ubuntu?
  • What/where are your two virtual machines?
  • How did you connect the two VMs?

OP has a thread about this already:

The same troubleshooting steps still apply:

@Learnerr - :spiral_notepad: please explain your Internet connection available on the host - we cannot guess.

@psherman - can we merge these threads?

It depends on your virtual network setup on Windows.

I used OpenWrt on a QEMU virtual machine as a router, and it provides Internet connection back for the physical host machine. Works like a charm.

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Assuming the Host is Windows, that is.

  • The OP's wording could very well be implying that the host is Ubuntu
  • OP doesn't say what the 2 guest VMs are running
  • The OP could want to setup Internet connection for the Host as well - but may have failed to mention that