VM Hub as modem and Plusnet Hub One with OpenWrt as router

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I have to configure my old Plusnet Hub One (Sagecom) router with OpenWRT as my VM Hub developed some issue that I cannot resolve. It looks like DHCP and DNS no longer works over wireless. One day it failed, it has been restarted several times but the issue hasn't gone away and I didn't have time to reset it. Anyway I want to recommission OpenWRT as it is much better.
Currently VM Hub is set to modem mode and Ethernet LAN port on the Hub is connected to WAN (red) port on the Plusnet Hub One.
For some reason my laptop that is wired to one of the LAN ports on the OpenWRT router is getting a DHCP lease directly from the modem so I get external IP on my laptop (and obviously I cannot connect to the OpenWRT router anymore)
I think this is not the right configuration as WAN DHCP takes priority over LAN DHCP.
I have changed LAN DHCP to force it and then I get a local IP address and I can connect to the OpenWRT router but no Internet connectivity. My laptop steals the DHCP from the WAN port which should pick it up but it does not (it's set to DHCP client).
Is WAN in software the telephone DSL socket or WAN (red) 5th Ethernet socket?
Please advise.

Sounds like router has not been configured correctly.

Recommend to use OpenWrt 21.02 or 19.07.

see section 9.3 of the guide

see section 7.39 if you wish to use wan interface in 22.03. The '@wan' interface does not work.

Speeds will also be crippled if you have VM 200mbps or greater.

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Mine has Firmware Version OpenWrt 19.07.8 r11364-ef56c85848.

However good point about speed. Mine is at about 270Mbit down so I will be short of 70Mbit.
It looks like I will have to look into converting one of my Pi v4 into a OpenWRT router or look for some other kit.

Is this because WAN is 100Mbit? Should I assign one of the 1Gbit LAN ports for that instead?

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